Cloud computing can offer huge benefits to your company, but many people are still unsure of the services the cloud can provide. 3rd Line IT specialises in cloud based solutions and we have in depth knowledge as to the benefits and drawbacks of the cloud. 

The cloud can offer businesses the opportunity of cost savings over traditional 'fixed asset' systems, however these savings often come with an element of compromise in functionality. Understanding these compromises and negotiating the maze of cloud offerings available today can prove to be a minefield for business owners and in-house IT teams alike. 

3rd Line IT aims to work with you to help make sense of what is right for your business in this fast changing landscape. Our team of highly skilled consultants and engineers can help steer your business in the right direction hand picking the right services for your needs, cutting out the jargon and explaining the pros and cons of the cloud. 

If you are within the M25 and would like a no-obligation visit to discuss your possible needs, please give us a call on 0208 545 9663 or email